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How Can You Teach Common Core Standards with Number Bonds

Well, I have let my blogging activity slide as I have been trying to give more attention to developing my materials for Teachers Pay Teachers.  My sales have done better this year than ever–I suppose due to the work I put in on some lesson activities from this summer.  I have TONS of math activities I could sell that I have made over the years for all grade levels however to sell them I want them to be perfect so it takes me a while to make them look as good as I want them to look.

I hope you will be pleased with the most recent activity I posted today.  First graders at my school are working on becoming fluent with their number bonds (sums) up to 10.  They have been building number bonds with two colors of snap cubes and then coloring a model of what they built.  They have been using the printables I just uploaded to TPT.  I also developed a Smart Board lesson to match the number bonds printables since one of the first grade teachers reported at our last planning meeting that the students were confused about how to write an equation.  The Smart Board lesson allows the teacher to model the bonds of ten with snap cube virtual manipulatives and move the symbols, and numbers around to build an equation.  See below.  Click on the picture to read more.

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