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33 Classroom Procedures to Consider before School Begins

  1. How will students obtain a sharpened pencil?
  2. How will students line up?
  3. How will students take turns going to the bathroom?
  4. What will students do while waiting in line?
  5. How will students prepare when going home?
  6. How will students turn in homework?
  7. How will students communicate with parents?
  8. How will you record behavior?
  9. How will students work in centers?
  10. How will students work in groups?
  11. How will you get your students’ attention when they are doing an activity?
  12. How will students handle manipulatives appropriately?
  13. How will students turn in their work?
  14. How will students label their papers?
  15. What will students do when they arrive at school?
  16. Where will students place their backpacks and personal items.
  17. How will students sit appropriately when you are talking?
  18. How will students show you they are listening?
  19. How will students sit on the carpet?
  20. How will your rewards/consequences system work? What are the students’ responsibilities?
  21. How will students solve a disagreement?
  22. What will students do when they have a question?
  23. What will students do when they need to use the restroom?
  24. What will students do when they are tardy?
  25. What will students do when they are absent for missed assignments?
  26. What will students do with communication (notes etc.) from parents?
  27. What will students do if they are sick?
  28. How will students travel in the room?
  29. How will students address the teacher and other adults?
  30. How will students answer the door?
  31. How will students act when there is a visitor in the room?
  32. How will students use their voices when working in different situations (testing, cooperative groups, independent work).
  33. What will students do when another student is bothering them or bullying them?

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