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You’ll Love These Practice Pages at Your Fingertips

This week I have tried out Super Teacher Worksheetssite for the first time. This site has helped me so much when I’ve been in a rush.  They have worksheets and activities for just about EVERYTHING!  I have been struggling to find decimal activities for 5th grade, but just look at some of the things I found!  Decimal Number line practice and ordering decimal card sorts.  There are several of each of this type of practice so kids have time to perfect the skill.

Decimal Number Lines–A Freebie! 

Ordering Decimals Card Sort 

I was also needing some counting resources for kindergarten, and I found this card sort for them…just when I was thinking of making one, Super Teacher Worksheets came to the rescue!

Not only that, but I also found some ten frame practice worksheets.  I LOVE ten frames and these will work out great for 1st and 2nd grade to practice their math facts.

Ten Frames Practice


I love how the site has their resources listed on the side of the screen so that you can quickly find the topic you need. They even had a file cabinet for you to store all of your resources as long as you have an account with them.

See the “My Filing Cabinet Button” in red in the middle.

 Then I taught a lesson about fact families in first grade and I was thinking I sure do need a smart board lesson with a fact family house.  Guess what? Super Teacher Worksheets had one of those, too, through their sister site Modern Chalkboard.  I just adapted it for addition/subtraction instead of multiplication.

Fact Family Smart Boards

I’m a just a little biased because I teach math all the time, but Super Teacher Worksheets also has science, math, literacy, social studies, seasonal, and math (oh, did I say math again??) resources!  I know we all need some grammar worksheets since we (my district) don’t even have grammar books anymore.  Super Teacher Worksheets also boasts some fun puzzle generators and math drill worksheet generators, too!  Not only that, Super Teacher Worksheets  has some teacher helpers such as desk name tags, award certificates, sticker charts, calendars and more.  Many of these items are free, so make sure you check it out!  SEE…

Sticker Chart



Super Teacher Worksheets only charges $19.95 for an entire year’s subscription which is only about $1.67 a month–a great value.  Many of their worksheets are FREE and Modern Chalkboard’s resources are ALL FREE! 

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