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Use This New, Free, Quick, and Easy Classroom Management Tool

If you haven’t already heard of Class Dojo, a cutting edge classroom management tool, let me fill you in.

Our fourth and fifth grade teachers are using it and they absolutely L-O-V-E it!!  Class Dojo is a website which allows you to load all of your students and keep up with their behaviors, positive or negative, based on a point system.  You can upload the behaviors you want that match your classroom rules and expectations.  For example, you can include behaviors such as “off task”, “participating”, “showing respect” etc.  The entire system is on a website and/or it can be used as an app on an ipad or iphone (and android).

The marvelous thing about this is there is no walking over to a behavior chart to change a card or clip etc.  You can carry the ipad around with you and immediately respond to behaviors.  Then when you want to reward or use a consequence, you simply click/touch the child’s name.  Each child has a cute colorful avatar beside their name.

They also have a little red bubble that shows their points accumulated.  Students  avatars can be projected onto a screen or smart board so that they can see their avatars and points.  A whole classroom can be given a point at one time too–say for example all of the students walked quietly in the hall or all students were working hard on an assignment.  I also really like the “random” button.  You can push the random button and different names will flash on the screen until the program finally lands on one name.  Then when it stops on that one name, you can look to see if that student is using appropriate behavior and record his/her point accordingly.  This especially keeps the kids sitting up straight if the names are projected on a screen.

What’s even better is that there can be instant parent communication.  Parents can have a code to view their child’s behavior and see how they are behaving.  Students can even change and decorate their avatar to look like they want it to.  The best part about Class Dojo–it is totally FREE!!

5 Responses to Use This New, Free, Quick, and Easy Classroom Management Tool

  • Ashley says:

    I have been using Classdojo for the last couple of years and love it. It gives you graphs of the children’s data and recently they added a trend tracker which allows you to see the point distribution by day, week, or hour.

    I end every day by showing the kids the whole-class graphs and we discuss where we struggled that day and what we need to work on the next day. I have also had daily conferences with individual students to look at their graphs. I have rewards based on their daily percentages. For example, if the class earns 95% positive points for a day, they earn a sticker towards a whole-class reward of their choice. Individual students have punch cards with varying percentage goals depending on their needs. Ten punches and they get a prize and move up to the next percentage goal.

    It has been a life saver in my room.

    • Ms. K says:

      Thanks so much, Ashley, for your comment. I really like the idea of rewarding the whole class for acting appropriately! Do you set the percentage goals yourself or is there a way to so this on class dojo? I will definitely share your ideas with my 4th and 5th grade teachers!

  • Ashley says:

    I set the percentage goal myself, usually at 90-95%, depending on the class. The rewards are generally voted on by the class. I tell them the reward can’t cost anything (at the end of the year I let them have a party that costs money as an extra incentive).

    For individuals, I ask where they want to start. I have pre-made punch cards for 50%, 60%, 70%, 80%, 90%, and 100%. They can start wherever we decide is best and work their way up. Each filled card is worth a prize. (I have a selection of prize cards for all sorts of privileges and prizes, such as using pens, reading to kindergartners, or getting into my prize chest.) When they finish the 100% card, they can “exit” the punch card system.

    Any child who has one of the top three scores each day gets a sticker to add to their sticker collection. Sometimes its only 3 students, sometimes its the whole class. That way the well-behaved students get rewarded, too.

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