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How Can Short (or tall) Teachers Hang Items with Ease in Their Classrooms?

I have done everything in the past to hang items from the ceiling at school. I’ve climbed on tables and chairs, borrowed tall people, and sweet talked the custodian with a candy bar. Hanging items from the ceiling is something that I always dread doing since it takes so much effort. Now I don’t have to borrow my custodian or climb like a monkey because of these new hooks I ‘ve found–Magster ceiling hooks. Magster ceiling hooks have a convenient pole that I can use to attach magnetic hooks to the metal part of the ceiling. I just lift the pole to the ceiling until the magnet attaches. They are easily moveable and can be taken down with the same pole. Now I am just thinking of things to hang up for next year.

Here is what came in my starter package:

Above the wood sticks join with the black pieces to make a long pole. The U-shaped black piece holds the hook. The other white plastic items are the hooks.

Above you can see how the wood pieces join to make the pole to hang the hooks.

Here is me standing on the floor (not on a chair, not on a table) with my 5 ‘ 3″ self and hanging a hook.

Ta Da! That was easy and quick!

I can even use this to hold my posters…See!

The pole makes it super easy even to hang posters above! (I hate that my ceiling is cracked right there. They won’t fix it though 🙁 )

Surprise! I’m hosting a give away of one package of these wonderful hooks which you will absolutely LOVE! All you have to do is make a meaningful comment on any post on my blog, and leave another comment below about what you would hang if you won the new hooks. The contest will close on July 10th. I will select two winners at random and announce them on July 12th!

4 Responses to How Can Short (or tall) Teachers Hang Items with Ease in Their Classrooms?

  • Dawn Thompson says:

    Finishing up my education degree as we speak (12 yrs, 1 marriage and 2 children later). The first thing I would hang up with the system is a welcome banner!

    • Ms. K says:

      You made me smile with your life summary :)! Having already established a family, you will definitely bring more wisdom into the classroom than I did starting out! Thanks for commenting!

  • Sara at School says:

    Man, this looks great and I’m even shorter than you! But our school won’t let us hang anything from the ceiling – motion detector alarms. Does it work on walls?

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