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Free Math Common Core Tasks

I just ordered these Battista books to help implement the common core math standards for each grade level at school.  To my delight, the books list a link to extra free resource tasks!  There is a book for place value, multiplication and division, fractions, geometric measurement, and addition and subtraction, hence there are FREE resources for all of these.

These free tasks are at Heinemann, the publisher’s website.  To access the free resources, first click on the book icon of the topic you are interested in.

Next click on the link that says “companion resources”.  This will take you to all of the free tasks for that particular math book.

Here is a sample of one of the tasks:


A Branching Unit–with a Makeover!

I’m so thankful for a summer vacation and the beautiful weather we have been having.  Usually it is so hot and humid this time of year, but the weather has been so mild and beautiful compared to recent years.    Yesterday was really my first day out that actually felt like a vacation.  I have been going to trainings and working on our district’s pacing guide.  With all of that said, I spent yesterday doing the finishing touches on a branching unit I had posted previously on TPT.  One of my summer goals is to improve some of the items, which I feel need a makeover that are posted in my store.  I am so much more proud of this unit now.  I included some of the fun branching templates that a co-teacher and I devised to make branching and our hallway more fun which weren’t there before!  I hope that those of you who have already downloaded this item enjoy using these materials even more now.  Last summer was the first summer I got REALLY serious about selling on TPT, and in this year I have learned so much–from fellow bloggers, from TPT, and from my customers.

I am also considering doing a whole new makeover for my blog…hopefully to be coming soon :)!

Below I have posted pictures of my new and improved branching unit which I used when teaching my third grade class several years ago.  The new part is the templates that we used to decorate our hallway with ‘branching trees’, more detailed teacher notes, student word problems, and I included some scaffolded practice for struggling students to group their tens and ones.  I have posted a sample of some of the student sheets that you can try out for free.  When you click below, the link will take you to my store where you can download the free preview.

Math Cardsorts…Free Addition With No Regrouping Sort

I just finished a product that I posted on Teachers Pay Teachers.  If you buy it before tomorrow, you will still get a chance to get it at the sale price.  This product contains 8 sorts with addition and subtraction both with regrouping and without regrouping.  Some of the sorts contain matching word problems and number disc picture cards.  Others contain matching equations and number disc picture cards.  In each sort, there is an extra card so that much discussion among student pairs can revolve around the common errors that confuse students with regrouping.  These sorts were designed for use after adding and subtracting with  number discs.  Number discs are one of my favorite ways to teach addition and subtraction with regrouping.  They are right up there with base ten blocks.  I can’t decide which tool I like better.  Number discs are a bit more abstract for students than the base ten blocks.  Base ten blocks are the size of actual ones, tens, or hundreds which make them more concrete.  Number discs are all the same size–but much easier to draw.  For a FREE sort, you can click on the sort below to download the addition sort with no regrouping.   The link will take you to the TPT site.  Just download the preview for the free sort.   I hope you enjoy it.

Free Test Taking Rubric or Checklist

I showed the fifth graders that I have been teaching for the past few weeks this page before they tested.  I let them know that I was going to be looking for these actions or test taking strategies while they tested.  Our principal gave the students extra recess time at the end of the day if they worked hard on the test all morning long.  I wanted a way to measure “working hard on the test”,  so I used this checklist/rubric.  If students did 4 of the 6 actions or testing strategies  listed on the sheet, then they were able to have extra recess.  Across the top of the page the categories read:

  • Underlined Key Words
  • Brain Dumped— Writing important information down on the math reference sheet that they may forget
  • Eliminated Wrong Answers (on multiple choice)
  • Used P.E.C.E (an acronym that stands for using a picture, equation, complete sentence, and elaboration to solve an open response)
  • Persevered When Problem Solving
  • Checked Work or Used the Entire Time to Work

If you would like to use this form, you can download it for free here.  I am posting it in Word format so that you can open it and change the wording to suit your needs.


Testing Rubric Checklist

Free Family Math Night Punch Cards

Since I am planning a Family Math Night in January, I thought I would share my PunchCardsforParentNight with you.  We will be having several stations set up for students and parents.  They must attend at least five stations to enter to win for a door prize and for the evening meal.  Hope you can use it for whatever family night you will be having.  I am posting it in Word format so that you can adapt it to suit your needs.  I hope that the formatting turns out okay.

Free App for Your iphone to Learn Mental Math Strategies

Our school’s guidance counselor came to me the other day and told me about an app she had discovered on the iphone–Mental Math Ninja.  This app teaches mental math strategies using videos all for free.  I learned some mental math strategies from watching these videos.  Just when I thought I had learned most of the mental math strategies there were from being a math coach and attending many workshops, I learned more!  Some of the videos included are:

  • Rapidly multiply by 11’s,
  • Calculate a 15% tip
  • The Secret to Mental Addition
  • Rapid Single Column Addition
  • Rapid Two Column Addition
  • Adding Money
  • Rapidly Multiply 2-digit Numbers
  • Square Numbers Ending in 5
  • Square Numbers in the 50’s
  • Square Numbers Close to 100
  • Mutiply 2-digit by 1-digit Numbers
  • Square any 2-digit Number
  • Multiply 3-digit by 1-digit Numbers
  • Multiply 3-digit by 2-digit Numbers
  • Multiply 3-digit by 3-digit Numbers
  • Divide by 0.5 or 5 or 50

Free Printable Number Discs

With second grade right now, students are doing a lot of place value activities and are using base ten blocks as well as math discs.  I made these printable math discs for the kids to represent and compare numbers.  If you would like to use them they are available for a download.  I am copying the ones on white, the tens on red, and the hundreds on orange paper to represent the math discs.  Students are going to cut these out and glue them down to represent a number.

Math Number Discs

Need an Engaging Way to Introduce Equations?

The first grade teachers at school absolutely love introducing subtraction and addition number sentences to their kids using the book Ten Flashing Fireflies by Philemon Sturges.  I discovered this book in a lesson recorded in a Math Solutions book entitled Minilessons for Math Practice K-2.  There is also a similar lesson (I think…not positive) in another Math Solutions book entitled Teaching Arithmetic.  In the lesson students model the action of gathering fireflies into a jar using snap cubes.  In the book there is a jar  printable to use  or the lesson suggests using a sheet of blue construction paper to represent the night sky.  Not only is this lesson good for introducing the action of subtraction and addition, but it is also good for discussing one more and one less.  Because this is such a beloved book that builds a great foundation for addition and subtraction, I worked on building this free SMART Board lesson to accompany the book this weekend, and so here is an example of this lesson.  Just click to download the SMART Board lesson for free.

My Favorite Way to Introduce Division…

My favorite way to introduce division is with Divide and Ride which is a book by Stuart Murphy.  I have posted about it before, but since many of you are teaching division now or soon will be, I wanted to share some of the sheets that I have developed to go along with the book.  These sheets are in varying levels of difficulty.  The first one is easiest and they get slightly harder. I have used them with different grade levels.  The first one I used with second graders, but most of them have been used with third grade.  The first question on most of the sheets is the same because it can be easily figured out with direct modeling…but if you have all of the sheets you could easily differentiate for your students since they are similar.  The last sheet incorporates a question with remainders.  Feel free to download them and use them for free.  Let me know if they work well for your class.



8 Free Math Websites for Your Classroom

1.  www.math –free worksheets, math games, and interactive manipulatives

2.–math games, interactive lessons, games, and math vocabulary cards

3.–interactive problem solving videos

4.–math games and learning activities

5.–free worksheets and interactive games

6.–math lessons, interactive games, interactive math and art

7.–free interactive games

8.–national library of virtual manipulatives




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