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I get the cutest handwriting fonts at Fonts for Peas!

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How Can You Help Your Students Focus During Instruction

I am going to share a little secret with you about something I have been using for myself and plan on using this year at school.  I have started using essential oils in a diffuser when I am working at my home computer.  I have found that using two drops of peppermint, two drops of lavender, and two drops of lemon in my ultra sonic bamboo diffuser with these oils helps me focus, helps me stay alert if I’m working late at night, and helps lift my spirits.  In other words when I diffuse these three, I just feel happier :D.  See my happy face!

I am planning on taking it to school this year to diffuse in my room.  I have even been thinking of buying another one so I can have one at work and at home.  Not only that, but I have a close friend who took hers to school last year and diffused lemon on a daily basis to help her students focus during instruction.  Another great benefit of using a diffuser at school….if you use the Thieves blend of essential oils, it promotes cleaner air, which is especially needed during those winter months.  As if, ALL teachers haven’t already spent a small fortune on using hand-sani!  This would be another way to support the prevention of germy surfaces!

Here is my diffuser in action with my favorite three oils.  As you can see it sits in my office in front of my gargantuan printer.  This model is my favorite that Young Living sells because it has a one or four hour timer so you can choose how long to diffuse.


 If you want to order an ultra sonic diffuser and oils like mine, the best value is to buy a starter kit here.  If you decide to buy some be sure to use my enroller and sponsor number 2600343.  I would really appreciate it!  Happy calm school year!

Highlights from Math Night

I wanted to share a few of my favorite things about Family Math Night. So here they are…

I saw this idea on Pinterest, admittedly, but I really wanted a LARGE 100 sign that parents and children had to walk through that had 100 on it.  The wonderful art teacher helped me out tremendously by making a huge sign with 100 on it.  She made the numbers separately because we obviously didn’t have paper large enough to write the whole 100 on.  She made one of the 0’s a bit larger so that people could easily pass through it into the cafeteria and gym where our event was held.



We had a 100th day of school photo booth.  One of our teachers had some already made up props with little lips, mustaches, and beards.  Our kind art teacher helped me with the signage for the booth.  Because we didn’t have the man power to take pictures and distribute them the same night, we just allowed parents or whoever to take pictures with their smart phones as they passed by.


After the fact, I wish I had put some colored paper behind the sign.  That way there would have been a prettier background for short children!


The two girls in the picture above were some of the cutest dressed for the 100th day.  One had on 100 hearts and the other had 100 kisses neatly done with lipstick!

Next, because Reflex Math is now on computer and iPad, we had a booth to showcase the ease of using this to learn math facts.  Anytime we have technology set up, this tends to be a popular table.

This was my favorite game of the evening, the +10, -10, +1, -1 life sized 100’s chart game.  Students stand on this and a large foamy die is rolled.  Students stand on the numbers and move according to the number which the die lands on.  If students bump into each other then the one who is bumped into is out.MathNight2015-2

The chart is made from duct tape and a large tarp.  You can make cards on the computer for the chart, too, that will fit perfectly in the squares.  However, we didn’t want children walking on these for the game with their shoes on, so index cards and packing tape were used to attach the cards for this game.


Finally, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this die which I found at Mardel (one of our educational stores).  The dice has clear plastic pockets so you could change out whatever you wanted to put on the die. It could be used for literacy, for normal numbers, dots, math facts, you name it!!


Here is a game similar to this on TPT with a bubble gum theme, which kids absolutely love!

Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 9.21.13 PM  Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 9.22.11 PM

Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 9.21.56 PM

You may also like to read about past years’ math nights:

MathNight2014Blog-22 copy


My Pi Day Shirt!

So I am wearing my Pi Day shirt at school!  I really hadn’t thought of needing a Pi Day shirt and this sweet teacher made me one!  Along with the shirt she gave me a sweet note.  She knew testing weeks are stressful, so she thought of me.  I am wearing it tomorrow to celebrate!  Here is the sweet note she wrote me…


and the shirt (in my favorite color too!)…


Tomorrow, I am having this informational video for kids broadcast so at least the kids have some idea about Pi Day even at the elementary age…

Family Math Night Fun!

Well, I have been scurrying around like a squirrel hiding nuts (and maybe going nuts) these last few days getting ready for our Family Math Night.  I usually plan this as close as I can to our 100th day of school, which happens to be this Thursday!  While getting ready for this event, I have thought about a game I recently made, which first grade really enjoyed!  This game is called Bubble Gum Pop and is centered around adding and subtracting 10’s and 1’s on the hundreds chart.  The game is already differentiated and would be wonderful as a take home game for parents to enjoy with their children!  There is very little prep to this game other than gathering some game pawns and deciding which way you want to use to make a spinner.  There is even an extra engagement factor if you decide to use real bubble gum (flat pieces) for game pawns!

Here is the fun spinner!  Kids place five pawns on the board to start with (scroll farther to see the board).  Then they move those pawns down one square if they land on +10, up one square if they land on -10, to the right one square if they land on +1, and to the left one square if they land on -1.  If students land on the wild space they can move their pawn anywhere on the board.

Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 9.21.56 PM

If students bump into one another, then they  automatically knock the other pawn out.  Also, if students land outside the perimeter of the chart, their opponent is out.  The object of the game is to knock your opponent’s game pawns off of the board.  Below you can see a sample game in action.

Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 9.21.40 PM

Here is a look at the game board.

Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 9.22.11 PM

I will be posting pictures of our Family Math Night soon if you are still needing ideas to help plan yours.

Teacher “Happy” Freebie before Teasting

The weeks that precede testing tend to be the most stressful at school for teachers.  Because I see the frantic looks everywhere, I thought I would put a little cheer in everyone’s mailbox.  I put one little “happy” in each teacher’s mailbox during the middle of the weeks before testing.  One of the teachers called them “little happies” so now that is what they are!





In case you want to cheer some teachers nearby…I am providing the documents I used.  They are editable so you can change the wording a bit if you want!  Just click on the link below the pictures to download the file.


100th Day Costume Fun!

Here are a few costumes from some of the kids for the hundredth day of school…I thought you would enjoy a look at the creativity!  You may even get an idea for your costume!

Lots of kids used 100 hearts since Valentine’s Day is soon…



100 candy conversation hearts…


Paper hearts counting by 1’s…


Paper hearts counting by 10’s…


Up close picture of the paper hearts above…


100 puzzle pieces…


100 puff balls…


100 tally marks…


100 eye balls…


100 equations…


50 groups of 2 = 100


Two kids dressed alike with eyeballs that made mathematical equations…



100 years old…

100yearold man

Math facts with answers that add up to 100 on the front and back…very clever!


 Happy 100th Day!


Try this 100th Day Costume…

I already had created my Masked Mathemagician character who comes for a visit at unsuspecting times at school…but I added a little to her this year :).

I had to figure out a way to make the costume include 100 items.  So what did I do?  I wrote 100 100’s on the back of my Mathemagician cape!  To make the  plastic tablecloth cape,  I found directions on some blogs here and here.  Then I started cutting freehanded.  When I bought the plastic table cloth, it was so large that if I messed up there was plenty left to try cutting the shape again.  The first time worked though.  I used two small sticky velcro pieces to attach the pieces around the neck.  Here is the best picture of the cape from the back.  I know my hair looks  a mess from the back :o…I had to hide it in a bun to pull off the whole Mathemagician effect!


It took me forever to make the logo for my Masked Mathemagician Emblem in case you want to use my idea at your own school you can download the emblem by clicking the link.




I placed the sign above at the bottom of my cape.  I told the kids that if they figured out the answer they could win a prize!

I will be posting more 100th day fun soon…come back to see!

How Can You Reach Parents During Family Night?

When looking for items to place at a table during family night for parents, I stumbled across some great info already made on a website.  I took this info, and copied and pasted it into Microsoft Word with some cute fonts and borders.  I would offer you my final product here, but I would be infringing on copyright.  I will give you the links I used instead.

Ideas to Help Your Child Succeed and Enjoy Mathematics

Math Help Tips

Helping with Homework

Why Math Looks Different to Parents than When They Grew Up

And there is even a power point that you can play for parents–ready made!

See isn’t this great!




Do You Need an Idea for Family Math Night?

As promised, here are a few snapshots of our Family Math Event/100th Day of School Celebration!

Students built number bonds with Legos, and got to take a few Legos home!


Students built 10 groups of 10 to make 100 with different small food items.  This was one of kids’ favorites since food was involved!

As you can see in the picture above, this is one of the staff members that dressed up like she was 100 years old.  She said she got her whole outfit at Good Will for $4 with the exception of her wig from Party City.

Students played Race to 100 on the 100’s chart with dice.  They rolled and added the number that they rolled each time on their 100’s chart.

Double dice subtraction is a game idea taken from the Georgia Department of Education resources.

How creative!  This teacher made a multiplication/division edition of chutes and ladders complete with spinner.  Kids loved this activity.

Kids flocked to this booth where they made chocolate chip cookie dough.  Students mixed up the dough in a gallon baggie to prevent mess.  The math was in the measuring cups fractions.  They had to figure out how many small measuring cups to use in lieu of the larger cup sizes.  For example, if the recipe calls for a cup and a half of flour, how many times will you have to fill a 1/4 measuring cup?


We can’t forget the Estimation Station!  The closest guesser got to go home with the jar including candy!  We gave away five jars.

One of my personal favorites…maybe because it was my idea ;), is the 100 scavenger hunt.  Students had to find index cards hidden around the cafeteria.  Each card had an equation, but only some of the equations equaled 100.  If the equation made 100, students could then bring it to the scavenger hunt booth for a prize.


Students used different fruits and vegetables to equal up to a pound in this next picture after first estimating.

At the probability booth students used fractions to predict the chances of landing on a variety of spinners.  Students got to take home their own spinners.

We also had a technology table where students got to play math games on our schools mini laptops.

Moe’s Southwest grill kindly donated tortilla chips for us to have nachos!  And, the church next door to our school kindly donated lemonade!  We also got plastic sacks donated to us from a nearby restaurant so that students had a bag in which to place all of their take home math activities.

The kids went home with smiles!

A Few of the Best 100 Days of School Dress Up Costumes!

The following are some of the best 100 days of school dress up that we had.  We incorporated our Math Family Night with our Students’ 100th day of School Celebration.  I sent this letter that I used last year to inform parents of the day’s dress up celebration.  Again I used a rubric I adapted from Ms. Saoud’s blog at Primary Graffiti here.

Which costume do you like best?

Which child’s costume do you think won?

I’ll tell you at the end of the post!  🙂



My favorites are the “Name Your Own Star” –how clever…and the wrestlers belt–how creative!  I also especially like the student in the school uniform with the notes safety pinned to her because it looks very kid done!  Each note has a different word on it.

Here is my favorite staff dress up outfit. 

We also had a couple of staff members who dressed up like they were a hundred years old.  They had walkers and all!  One of our staff members had a sign on her front that said I am 100 years old.  On her back she had a question that asked, “When was I born?”  The kids had to bring her the answer written on a piece of paper.

I have a thing for puffballs, so I used 100 puffballs to make a scarf of sorts.  It didn’t quite turn out like I had wanted.  I used hot glue, so it was a bit stiff.  I glued all the puffballs to a ribbon.  Maybe if I was more of a seamstress it could have been a real scarf!  Nevertheless the kids loved the scarf and wanted to touch the puffs.  I gave the scarf away to one of the kids who asked me if he could have it at the end of the day.  I guess you get to see my totally cute new phone cover in the picture, too!  What an added perk! 🙂

To answer your question if you were wondering which child won from above, the first picture won of the little girl in the red shirt with all of the beads hanging down from safety pins.






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