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I get the cutest handwriting fonts at Fonts for Peas!


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You Can Use an American Flag to Teach Math! {Giveaway}

I am reposting this in honor of Independence Day tomorrow.  This is one of my favorite door decorations that really made the students think about the American flag.  They were trying to figure out the amount of stars and stripes due to the questions that I had printed on the door.  These printables are a free download available when you click here to view the original post.
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Use This Free Resource if You are Teaching Fractions

Have you seen this great new website tool for teaching and assessing mathematics for elementary students?  On iknowit There are multiple lessons included about various math topics all from the makers of Super Teacher Worksheets!  One of my favorite lessons is the one about 3rd grade fractions.  What I like about the fraction lesson/assessment is that it focuses on equal parts.  This gives children the chance to really think about what equal parts look like.  Sometimes the idea that fractions are equal parts can become a misconception to students.


There are also different types of general fraction questions such as what fraction is shaded or what fraction was taken etc.

There are questions using the written words halves and quarters instead of only the numbers.  These are words that students struggle with seeing and using.

I also like that the program gives students automatic feedback to let them know if they were correct or incorrect.  If students are incorrect, the program gives students an explanation to tell them why they were incorrect. The little robot is animated and jumps around each time students get a question correct.  He has a different animation for each question.

You can even take a quick grade with this program because the program shows students their total score when they complete an assessment.  Teachers can easily use the score for their grade book.

The best part is that it is free!  FREE! Yes, absolutely FREE!  (At the time of the writing, the website is free, but eventually this website will charge for membership.)

Try it out and enjoy!

Need a Critical Thinking Time Filler on the Fly? {Giveaway Time}

(Keep scrolling for the giveaway.) I recently went to a conference, and I learned a new game from the author of  This game doesn’t take much planning and really deepens kids’ thinking.  I can’t wait to use this!  The game is Ultimate Tic-Tac-Toe!
Make a board like a regular tic-tac-toe board with little tic-tac-toe boards inside each square.  The first player makes a mark in any spot.
Then the place that was marked sends you to the square you need to mark in.  Like above, the middle square in the small grid was marked so that will send you to the middle square in the larger board.  You may mark anywhere in the center of the large grid like below.
Now this sends the x player to the middle right square of the large grid to mark anywhere in the smaller grid.
The x player just sent the o player to the middle.  This wasn’t the best move for the x player because they just helped the o player gain ground.
The o player now sends the x player to the bottom right square which is a safe move since no squares are marked there.
Another safe move was made by x who sent the o player to another empty grid in the middle left of the board.
Now, o sent x back to the middle of the board which was a risky move.  This helps x set up the board to win or block.  Two moves are shown below.
The middle x sends the o player to the top right large square.  This sends x to the top right corner.
The x player sends o to the bottom right square in a safe move.
To the luck of the x player, o made a play in the middle of the small grid on the bottom right.  Now guess where x gets to go?!
Now x wins the middle square and no one else can play in the middle square.
The goal of the game is to gain three large squares next to each other in any direction just like regular tic-tac-toe.
If the player does get sent to any large square that has already been won, he  can choose wherever he wants to go.  Have fun playing!
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Do You Have Problems with Your Students Misspelling Number Words? Try This!

“Miss _______ (insert your name here), how do you spell ________(insert your number word of choice here)?”   I always have students ask how to spell different number words, only to tell students, “The best way you can.”  Now you will never have to tell students again how to spell number words.  Simply point to your number line.  You can now have access to word cards for you number line right here:



There are smaller triangular size cards to save space.  There are also larger/longer cards that can be seen more easily from a distance.

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Quick, Delicious, and Easy Recipe for Potlucks or Teacher Appreciation

Do you need an easy recipe for school potlucks? I have just the recipe for you!  I happened across this easy cookie recipe with just a few ingredients, and I knew I had hit!  All you need is butter, chocolate chips, flour, nuts, and condensed milk!  These fudgy cookies are really easy to make, but a bit messy when you’re putting them on the cookie sheet.   They have a crunchy outer layer and are soft on the inside when baked.  I had given them to my principals and they raved about them! Then they asked for the recipe. This is such a great way to brighten your principal’s days :)!

cookies fudge chocolate potluck

I know this picture doesn’t exactly look like the cover of Southern Living, but it is real and my life.

I am glad I was giving most of them away because they are addictive!  You can’t eat just one!

Go here to get the full fudge cookie recipe, and other great recipes from a retired teacher.  Keep scrolling for some great giveaways.

Prize: $25 Teachers Pay Teachers Gift Card
Giveaway Organized by: Kelly Malloy (An Apple for the Teacher), 
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