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Free Math Worksheets

I just found a great place to get lots of math freebie worksheets and I wanted to share…  There are lots of basic skills worksheets such as rounding, counting, telling time, temperature, addition, subtraction, multiplication…etc.

Need Supplies But Don’t Have the Money

Did you run out of pencils?  Do you need a piano for your music class?  A website– of which you may have not heard is granting wishes to worthy public school classrooms across the U.S.who are lacking in supplies.  Teachers do not have to write grants!  All teachers have to do is request the materials needed, send thank you notes, and photographs of the project taking place.  Ordinary citizens can donate as little or as much as they want.  This website allows many people to donate to one need until that need is filled.  Visit the site to see some of the amazing projects that have been fulfilled.

Need Free Clip Art To Spice Up Your Worksheets?

Take a visit to this free clip art website by Lee Hansen to find lots of cute borders, and clip art images.  Many of the images are of holiday items.  I especially like the borders.  The clip art is completely free for classroom use, club use, non profit use, personal use, blogs, or web page articles.  The clip art may not be used for commercial use.

Countless Quality Teacher Blogs

Prepare to be inspired!  If you are looking for quality teacher blogs, you will find countless quality blogs at the following link here. The blogs are grouped by grade levels preschool- twelfth grade.  Special education blogs are even included.  Some blogs are not grade level specific but address a specific content area.  Happy reading!

Find Your School’s Test Scores Easily

If you want to find your school’s test scores easily, try this website: and click on “Find a School” on the top green bar.  Then input the school’s zip code to find your school.  This will give you a list of schools.  Just click on your school and scroll down to the section that says test rating.  Here you will be able to compare your schools test scores from 2007 to present against the state and district test scores.

Where Can You Find Many Hands-on Math Ideas…

I happened across this teacher’s blog below and it has some amazing out of the box ideas to make math learning fun.  To name a few of his ideas…He has students to bring in a photo to display a mathematical equation using food for extra credit.  Students build a clock using other ways to make numbers such as 3 could be represented on the clock as the square root of nine or 12 could be represented as 6×2. There are many other great ideas to see.  Students also create birthday cards using their age as a variable x and then writing equations inside the card with the variables.  This blog is ideal for sparking the creativity of 5th grade, middle, and high school math teachers.


This Kindergarten Teacher Made $44,000 in Addition to Her Salary

While I am a fan of the Teachers Pay Teachers website because of the opportunity they give teachers to make extra money, I have no where come near the earning potential that this teacher can boast.  Deanna Jump has 78 materials listed on Teachers Pay Teachers and many of the materials are Kindergarten and 1st grade thematic units.  She has a 3.9 out of 4 rating for the quality of her materials which has earned her $44,000 in one quarter.  The income she has made from selling her materials on teachers pay teachers beats the salary of  $54,000/year she is making as a classroom teacher.  This can only encourage one to sell more of her own materials.  You can find Mrs. Jump’s blog at

Improve Your Students’ Engagement During Reading/Writing Workshop

Visiting with a colleague, she passionately shared with me the amazing difference that a book called The Daily Five had made in her literacy instruction.  My colleague, who is a veteran teacher,  learned about this at a differentiation conference, and she tried using the methods for the first time this school year.  Other teachers have come into her room during her reading workshop and see the quality of student engagement.  They insist that she share what she is doing to have students so engaged.  The Daily Five improves students’ stamina to read voraciously on their own and to independently work on their own while the teacher pulls small groups.  The small groups are more targeted to individual needs because the teacher spends less time with each student and doesn’t have to attend to students who are working independently.  To read more about “The Daily Five” visit this link:

Ordering Materials…Get a Price Match Guarantee

Classroom Products Warehouse (CPW) may not be as well known as some educational catalogs that are slipped into your mailbox over the course of the school year.  As a matter of fact, you will probably only receive one catalog at the beginning of the school year.  CPW invests more time and money into their website instead of sending out multiple catalogs, so they can keep their prices low to save you money.  In fact if you find an item in another educational catalog, they will match their competitors’ prices.  If you order by phone, CPW also has excellent customer service.   Be sure to remember CPW for your next order of classroom products.

Math Website with Free Engaging Activities and Printables

Math Wire is an amazing website with lots of helpful, quality teaching tips and free printable worksheets for math instruction.  All the activities are based on NCTM standards and constructivist learning. Activities include free printable worksheets such as “I Have, Who Has” cards, open ended response questions, and math game boards to name a few.  I especially like the suggestion that Math Wire presents about coin antennas for students who have difficulty counting money. Take a while to browse Math Wire to gain insight on improving your instructional practices.




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