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There are several places you can find a great deal for Teacher Appreciation Week!  One of these places is Teachers Pay Teachers of course.  Everything will be on sale on the site.  Some sellers have discounted their store additionally for a total 28% discount!  My store happens to be one of the places you can find a 28% discount!


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Thank you to Lovin Lit, Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah, and Educlips for the wonderful clip art that helped me make this sale sign!

Highlights from Math Night

I wanted to share a few of my favorite things about Family Math Night. So here they are…

I saw this idea on Pinterest, admittedly, but I really wanted a LARGE 100 sign that parents and children had to walk through that had 100 on it.  The wonderful art teacher helped me out tremendously by making a huge sign with 100 on it.  She made the numbers separately because we obviously didn’t have paper large enough to write the whole 100 on.  She made one of the 0′s a bit larger so that people could easily pass through it into the cafeteria and gym where our event was held.



We had a 100th day of school photo booth.  One of our teachers had some already made up props with little lips, mustaches, and beards.  Our kind art teacher helped me with the signage for the booth.  Because we didn’t have the man power to take pictures and distribute them the same night, we just allowed parents or whoever to take pictures with their smart phones as they passed by.


After the fact, I wish I had put some colored paper behind the sign.  That way there would have been a prettier background for short children!


The two girls in the picture above were some of the cutest dressed for the 100th day.  One had on 100 hearts and the other had 100 kisses neatly done with lipstick!

Next, because Reflex Math is now on computer and iPad, we had a booth to showcase the ease of using this to learn math facts.  Anytime we have technology set up, this tends to be a popular table.

This was my favorite game of the evening, the +10, -10, +1, -1 life sized 100′s chart game.  Students stand on this and a large foamy die is rolled.  Students stand on the numbers and move according to the number which the die lands on.  If students bump into each other then the one who is bumped into is out.MathNight2015-2

The chart is made from duct tape and a large tarp.  You can make cards on the computer for the chart, too, that will fit perfectly in the squares.  However, we didn’t want children walking on these for the game with their shoes on, so index cards and packing tape were used to attach the cards for this game.


Finally, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this die which I found at Mardel (one of our educational stores).  The dice has clear plastic pockets so you could change out whatever you wanted to put on the die. It could be used for literacy, for normal numbers, dots, math facts, you name it!!


Here is a game similar to this on TPT with a bubble gum theme, which kids absolutely love!

Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 9.21.13 PM  Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 9.22.11 PM

Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 9.21.56 PM

You may also like to read about past years’ math nights:

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My Pi Day Shirt!

So I am wearing my Pi Day shirt at school!  I really hadn’t thought of needing a Pi Day shirt and this sweet teacher made me one!  Along with the shirt she gave me a sweet note.  She knew testing weeks are stressful, so she thought of me.  I am wearing it tomorrow to celebrate!  Here is the sweet note she wrote me…


and the shirt (in my favorite color too!)…


Tomorrow, I am having this informational video for kids broadcast so at least the kids have some idea about Pi Day even at the elementary age…

Need a Smile During Testing?

Since I have been helping our school test coordinator all week, I felt a little humor was needed for the week with the heavy stress of it all. We have several new mothers at school so I borrowed a diaper and ta-da!!! I hung this on her wall.  When she saw this, of course she laughed–my ultimate goal!!! :)


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Freebie for TPT Sellers

I thought I would share something I made for myself a few weeks ago.  If you are a TPT seller then you can use this, too!  I put this in a clear view binder with my Teachers Pay Teachers notes.  Pink is my favorite color, so this makes me happy when I look at it :) !  Click here if you would like to have this binder cover too!

Screen Shot 2015-02-28 at 12.52.39 PM

I hope you enjoy it :) !

Are You Taller Than a Third Grader?


With the combination of special programs and snow days, our time to teach all of the standards before our 3rd graders’ PARCC test is running out.  With this in mind, I made a graph to help third grade out using the data from the whole 3rd grade with a fraction line plot.  This type of  graph and fractions are not as familiar to third graders because they haven’t been exposed to line plots in earlier grade levels.  I put the graph in a central location where other grade levels could see it.  That way other students could experience measurement and interpreting graphs as well.


I started out with an area by the water fountains for repeated exposure to student traffic.


Next I put up a strip of this amazing ruler like tape that I got at Office Depot when they had all of their special masking tape at back-to-school time.  The tape counts every 12 inches.  So in the picture below, I marked off every twelve inches with little triangles that mentioned that each 12 inches was 1 foot.  Next, I marked off the fractions of an inch with stickers.  I marked off the halves, thirds, and fourths so that students could easily see the relationship between the graph and the tape measure.Tape

Then I had students come a few at a time and measure themselves to the closest fraction of a foot.  Students recorded their X’s on sticky notes.  The only reason I had them record their X’s on sticky notes is because this ensured having them all the same size.  Line plots can make data look skewed if students don’t draw their X’s the same size.  Plus on the PARCC assessment when students drag X’s on the line plot graph questions, students drag the X’s into little boxes which makes test question boxes resemble sticky notes.  Students got to initial their X.  Also, if students in the least bit chuckled about anyone else’s height because they were short, I immediately told them they wouldn’t even get to put an X on the graph.  After I graphed most of the students from two classes, I only had two students who didn’t get to put their X on the graph because of this reason.

Here is the whole picture of everything with a more than willing model :)Slide5


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Using Number Sense with Larger Numbers and a Freebie!

Thanks to the snow day (or shall I say ice day), I finally finished these number charts!  Back in the fall I had the idea for this product because I was working with a group of intervention children and they just weren’t able to tell me what 1,000 more or less than a number was when the number had more than four digits.  After the second grade standards, there are no standards that have children count past 1,000.  I think somewhere, someone who wrote the standards just assumed that children would be able to pick up on these patterns, but many times they aren’t able to see these patterns without explicit teaching.  That is what these number charts are meant to help teachers do.  In celebration of a snow day (2 snow days now), and over 600 fb followers, I made a free product with charts counting by 500.




Here is the main product that has number charts counting by 100, 500, and 10,000.  There are charts that count to 10,000; 100,000; and 1,000,000!  These will help students begin to see the patterns of larger numbers and help give you a basis for discussing rounding.  Not only that, but they increase in difficulty giving you a way to either scaffold or differentiate for your students!  Here is a peek at the complete set of number charts….

Number Charts to Million

Number Chart 1

Number Chart 2

Number Chart 3

You might also be interested in these fill in number charts with smaller numbers:number charts 1200 3.36.36 PM